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Computer-aided engineering (CAE) users often push the limits of their desktop systems, constraining the size of their models and limiting the number of simulations. Scaling to server-based engineering platforms removes these limits while increasing collaboration and productivity.

Learn how Lenovo, AMD, and Ansys help eliminate these issues and make CAE easy, affordable, and scalable as workloads get more complex with time.

Scale beyond workstations

Ansys, working with Lenovo, is offering a simple solution for engineers who run computer-aided engineering (CAE) designs and want to scale beyond workstations to AMD-based Lenovo Clusters.

Ansys delivers the tools required to enable real-world multi-physics solutions, incorporating fluids, structures, thermal and electromagnetic solutions for the most complex problems. Leverage the power of AMD EPYC processors to power your CAE workloads to the next level, yielding increased accuracy and faster production cycles.

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Free, expert led webinar from industry leaders on
Computer-aided Engineering (CAE)

Turnkey, Engineering Systems featuring Lenovo, AMD and Ansys

Date: October 25
Option 1: 10:00 am ET – 10:45 am ET
Option 2: 6:00 pm ET - 6:45 pm ET
Ramesh Joginpalli, Global Lead, Business Development & Marketing – Lenovo
Wim Slagter, Director, Strategic Partnerships – Ansys
Kevin Mayo, Director, HPC Solutions Engineering – AMD

Join Lenovo, AMD, and Ansys and explore turnkey Computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems collaboratively developed by the three companies that are capable of improving product quality and design, while accelerating production cycles. In this session, you will learn:

  • Benefits of migrating your engineering workloads from workstations to servers
  • Considerations for organizations migrating engineering workloads from clients to servers
  • Potential performance gains from adopting AMD EPYC processors for engineering workloads

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