WinterStock 2021 is set to bring you 5 days of access to experts across the AI and HPC topics that matter the most to you. We've brought together a dream team of subject matter experts who will bring you a thrilling armchair spectacle that bravely explores Lenovo’s concept of From Exascale to Everyscale—the idea that exascale-level technologies can and should be used in organizations of all sizes. We’ll show you exactly how we’re working with partners around the world to make that a reality and generate new ideas as to how Lenovo can transform your business.

Additionally, our leaders and subject matter experts will be on hand to take 1:1 NDA meetings. This is a great opportunity for those keen to explore a certain subject or take a sneak peek at some future offerings.

We’ll cater each hour-long event to the topics and hardware in which you are most interested, including developments from our technology partners like Intel® and NVIDIA®.

What you’ll learn
  • How to get started with Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • How AI is transforming enterprise computing
  • How exascale delivers on cost performance optimization
  • The future of High-Performance Computing
  • How HPC and AI can Combat the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Plus much more

A celebration of the triumph of the human spirit in everything from sports, to science and supercomputing.

Explore the full agenda below:

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Artificial Intelligence Day

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Accelerated with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Speakers: Marcin Rojek & Mariusz Kolanko, Co-founders, byteLAKE

byteLAKE’s CFD Suite, a collection of innovative AI Models for Computational Fluid Dynamics. byteLAKE and Lenovo will explain how to get started with CFD Suite, its compatibility with CAE tools, and will walk you through simple steps to accelerate your CFD solvers by presenting an OpenFOAM based example. Also, we’ll talk about scalability for large CFD simulations and easy orchestration with Lenovo’s LiCO.

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NVIDIA EGX/HGX Certified Systems for Lenovo Solutions

Speaker: Michael O'Neil, NVIDIA for Exastock

AI is transforming enterprise computing. The modern enterprise needs a cohesive computing infrastructure that provides the functionality, performance, security, and scalability to run AI workloads. NVIDIA-Certified Systems, comprised of NVIDIA HGX™ and EGX™ server platforms and Lenovo engineered, tested, and certified servers, enable enterprises to confidently deploy scalable hardware and software solutions that securely and optimally run their AI workloads. This brief session will provide an overview of the benefits of an NVIDIA Certified System and the solutions that leverage them.

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Edge AI: Delivering Flexible Computer Vision Solutions Today

Speaker: Michael Liou, VP Strategy & Growth, Chooch AI

Computer vision solutions and edge deployments have historically been challenging to implement and scale. Now, with breakthroughs in deep learning and GPU compute power, Chooch AI is opening up a wide set of opportunities for real-world deployments.

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Delivering Breakthrough Performance with AMD HPC Solutions

Speakers: John Morris, AMD Corporate Vice President Enterprise and HPC Business Group
Erik Deumens, Director, UFIT Research Computing, University of Florida

High Performance Computing (HPC) has an insatiable demand for performance. What is it going to take to truly drive performance and add value in today's HPC market? Join industry veteran and AMD Corporate Vice President for Enterprise and HPC Solutions, John Morris, as he shares key insights and innovation strategies to deliver impactful HPC performance.


Smarter Vertical Day

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Innovation Through Engineering Simulation

Speakers: Wim Slagter, Director of HPC & Cloud Alliances, Ansys Inc.
Ramesh Joginpalli, Business Development and Marketing Manager of HPC, CAE/CFD, Lenovo

Ansys offers engineering simulation software to customers faced with increasing pressure to deliver higher quality products faster at lower cost. The solutions include simulation software for multiple markets, including fluent for computational fluid dynamics, LS-DYNA for crash simulation, and HFSS for radio signal analysis. We'll explore Ansys applications and solutions, including customer case studies and Lenovo systems optimized for Ansys applications.

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How to make AI and AR effectively helpful and usable daily for industries

Speakers: Valerio Rizzo, EMEA AI Solution Architect (DCG) Lenovo
Fabio Masci, CEO the EDGE company
Nicola Finardi CEO PT WEEO frontier solutions
Stefano Moretto CEO Italsicurezza

Meet us at Winterstock to find out how “Maestro”, a ready-to-use solution, is profitable for industries in learning service, maintenance, remote assistance, and marketing areas. You're just five clicks away from creating your new amazing technology solutions!

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Decoding Ultra-deep Genomes Faster with Genomics-Optimized, Turnkey Lenovo GOAST Solution

Speakers: Mileidy Giraldo, Ph.D., Global Lead, Life Sciences, Lenovo HPC and AI
Kumar Paritosh, Ph.D, University of Delhi

We will discuss how the University of Delhi’s new GOAST HPC system is successfully tackling some of the hardest HPC problems in genomics analytics: de novo assembly of Brassica genomes using third-generation sequencing approaches and SNP identification pipelines. Learn how the University of Delhi’s GOAST HPC environment is powering cutting-edge research that will help to breed more nutritious, more disease-tolerant, high-yielding plants to feed the world.

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Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0: AI-assisted Quality Control in Manufacturing

Speakers: Marcin Rojek & Mariusz Kolanko, Co-founders, byteLAKE

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not only transforming but also bringing significant value to the Manufacturing industry. During this session, Lenovo and byteLAKE will present their solutions for AI-assisted industrial process monitoring and quality control. We will share our case studies and talk about solutions to help you quickly adapt vision-based analytics.

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Delivering Environmental/Weather Solutions to Lenovo Customers

Speakers: George Kallos, CEO, WeMet PC
Zaphiris Cristidis, HPC Meteorology Segment Leader, Lenovo

Lenovo and WeMet PC have partnered to deliver an end-to-end solution at the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection (GAMEP) department of Saudi Arabia. The solution comprises a high-performance computer server of over 8k cores based on Intel Xeon CPUs, and several weather and ocean current/wave model configurations, weather ingest data streams, and statistical verification packages, and several graphical solutions to assist with the weather and ocean current/wave predictions.


Storage Day

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Lenovo DSS-G, with a Focus on Spectrum Scale ECE (Erasure Code Edition)

Speaker: Michael Hennecke, Chief Technologist HPC Storage & Networking, Lenovo

This session will provide a roadmap update for the Lenovo DSS-G high performance storage solutions, which are based on IBM Spectrum Scale RAID. Both the JBOD-based DSS-G2xxx solutions and the DSS-G100 NVMe-rich servers will be discussed, including the new Spectrum Scale Erasure Code Edition.

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Pollinate Your Flowering HPC Storage Infrastructures with BeeGFS and Lenovo

Speaker: Taylor Allison, Product Manager, HPC & AI Storage and Solutions, Lenovo

BeeGFS is a parallel file system that is seeing rapid uptake in the HPC storage community. In this session, you will learn about BeeGFS and Lenovo’s approach to the offering, and why choosing Lenovo for your BeeGFS configuration is the optimal choice.

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HPC Storage Solutions with Lenovo DE-Series

Speakers: Michael Hennecke, Chief Technologist HPC Storage & Networking, Lenovo

The Lenovo DE-Series block storage controllers are highly flexible and can be used to build HPC storage solutions. This presentation will explain how build scale-out HPC storage solutions with DE-Series storage. The focus will be on Spectrum Scale, but most of the design guidelines also apply to other filesystems like BeeGFS.

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Innovating HPC Storage with Intel PMEM and Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS)

Speakers: Andrey Kudryavtsev, HPC Storage architect, DAOS Program Manager
Michael Hennecke, Chief Technologist HPC Storage & Networking, Lenovo

Unlike traditional storage stacks that were primarily designed for rotating media, DAOS is architected from the ground up to make use of new NVM technologies, such as PMEM and NVMe SSDs, and it's extremely lightweight because it operates end-to-end in user space with full operating system bypass. DAOS offers a shift away from an I/O model designed for block-based, high-latency storage to one that inherently supports fine-grained data access and unlocks the performance of next generation storage technologies.


New Perspectives on AI and HPC

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The Future of HPC-Performance Computing

Speakers: Rob Hays, Lenovo’s Chief Strategy Officer
Elad Raz, NextSilicon’s Founder and CEO

Join us for a discussion about the future of high-performance computing. Rob will ask Elad about his unique perspective on HPC, AI, and ML workload evolution and how the industry will push boundaries on efficient performance in extraordinary ways.

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The New Uses of HPC and AI to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

Speakers: Michael J. McManus, Ph.D., Intel
Mileidy Giraldo, Ph.D., Global Lead, Life Sciences, Lenovo HPC and AI

This talk will have two parts. The first part will focus on the advances HPC as applied to genomics analytics in the pandemic. The second part will discuss how AI is augmenting traditional HPC methods in the search for treatments for COVID-19.

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How Leading AI Teams are Reducing Labeling Costs and Time with Model-based Pre-labeling

Speaker: Manu Sharma, Co-founder and CEO of LabelBox

Model-assisted labeling is a powerful way for AI teams to make labeling easier, more accurate, and faster by using their own model to pre-label data. This changes the labeling process by allowing teams to focus their time on refining, accepting, or rejecting model predictions rather than starting from scratch with each label. We'll share three production use cases across different industries of how model-assisted labeling has helped teams save more than 50-70% in data annotation costs.

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DreamWorks Pushes the Boundaries of Animation Technology with Liquid Cooling

Speakers: Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow & Vice President of Platforms and Infrastructure, DreamWorks Animation; Matt Ziegler, Director, HPC&AI Architecture and Performance, Lenovo DCG WW HPC/AI Solutions Team

Delve into the story of how DreamWorks Animation set out to modernize their legacy data center and invest in Lenovo’s Neptune™ liquid cooling technology. Explore the business goals and research that lead DreamWorks Animation’s decision-making process, and lessons learned throughout the mid-pandemic server installation that can be applied to other industries such as O&>, manufacturing, agriculture, and beyond.


HPC in Action

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Accelerating Scientific Computing at 400G In-Network Computing

Speaker: Gilad Shainer, Senior Vice President of Marketing, NVIDIA Networking Technologies

HPC and AI are essential tools fueling the advancement of science and today's modern data centers. NVIDIA Networking technologies are the smart infrastructure engines the makes the connection to all this possible. Delivering Smart In-Network Computing acceleration, Smart data access with RDMA, GPUDirect RDMA, and GPUDirect storage with advanced adaptive routing, congestion control and quality of service. NVIDIA Mellanox HDR and NDR InfiniBand enables extremely low latencies, high data throughput, and includes high-value features such as Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP) technology, high network resiliency through Self-Healing Network technology, MPI offloads, enhanced congestion control and adaptive routing characteristics. These capabilities help Lenovo clients deliver leading performance and scalability for compute and data-intensive applications, and a dramatic boost in throughput and cost savings.

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Lenovo Neptune Liquid Cooling Solutions—Customer Examples

Speaker: Oliver Kill, Managing Director, ProCom

Delve into three different Customer Projects -- all based on Lenovo Neptune™ Direct Water-Cooling solutions. From How-To Water-cooling for IT professionals to what you need on the DataCenter side.

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Simplifying HPC for Engineers—TotalCAE on Lenovo

Speaker: Rod Mach, President, TotalCAE

Engineers need massive amounts of compute power to accelerate product design. This session will show how TotalCAE on Lenovo enables engineers to utilize High Performance Computing (HPC) with minimal effort to accelerate the design cycle, including joint client case studies.

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