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Lenovo GOAST (Genomics Optimization And Scalability Tool)

Lenovo believes access to reliable and simple high performance computing helps accelerate life saving discoveries. Therefore, Lenovo teamed with Intel® and built a smarter way of decoding genomics at scale. Our genomics analytics solutions are optimized to solve today's and tomorrow's challenges at population scale, from Exascale to Everyscale™.

*Compared to typical Genome Analysis ToolKit environments.

"Marking a new chapter in pioneering research"

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Did you know that Lenovo helps researchers analyze a whole human genome in as little as 18 minutes, and whole exomes in about 30 seconds?

In fact, in standard cloud or on-prem environments the same analysis usually takes ~48hrs. That means Lenovo GOAST powered by Intel®, a hardware + software bundle, is 160x faster than standard environments. Accelerated execution speeds mean you get to process more genomes at higher throughput, find answers faster, and make breakthroughs that save more lives. The price? Up to 50% less than the cost of boutique solutions that rely on expensive accelerators like FPGAs or GPUs.

Increase productivity at lower costs

Innovate first with Lenovo GOAST (Genomics Optimization And Scalability Tool)

Accelerating Covid-19 discovery

Our multi-disciplinary expertise and approach is one of our team’s greatest assets. We are fortunate to have some of the industry’s best HPC engineers and world-class scientists working together to bring innovation to help solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. With our GOAST discoveries on how to increase high-throughput analytics we are empowering researchers everywhere to decrease time to biomedical insights and forge the path to precision medicine. The tech revolution of accessible innovation is here, be it for basic research, infectious disease, or precision medicine.

Dr. Mileidy Giraldo, Ph.D., Global Lead, Life Sciences, Lenovo

High Speed. High Performance.
High Throughput. Faster Breakthroughs.

Lenovo GOAST, a Genomics Optimization and Scalability Tool, is an Intel Select Solution and an AI-powered architecture of carefully selected hardware to accelerate Genomics Analytics at GPU-level speeds but at CPU-level costs. Accelerated performance means faster answers and faster breakthroughs that save more lives.


A price performance appliance

18X-45X speed up*


24C CPUs


*against current CPU-only solutions


An extreme performance appliance

67X-167X speed up*


28C CPUs


*against current CPU-only solutions

Simple and easy to use

GOAST comes with pre-configured hardware and pre-installed bioinformatics software already calibrated for high performance. With GOAST software there is no learning curve to deploy Next-Generation Sequencing analytics. Running GOAST is as easy to use as a plug-and-play system, and unlike DIY solutions, GOAST gives you access to a turnkey, pre-optimized set-up delivering high performing results from day one.

Faster, deeper insights

GOAST is reducing time to scientific insights by turning omics analytics, a process that used to take days, down to minutes: from 150 hours to 48 minutes—that’s a 167x speed-up. More genomes processed means higher lab productivity, deeper insights, and discoveries that save more lives sooner.


The GOAST server delivers GPU-level performance at CPU-level costs. By leveraging an optimized CPU-based architecture and the open source software researchers already know and trust, GOAST can deliver accelerated analytics at costs up to 50% less than solutions relying on hardware accelerators.

Bioinformatics Versatility

GOAST benefits extend beyond genomics and transcriptomics. The optimizations in the GOAST architecture will benefit any sequential workflows requiring high core, high memory, and/or high I/O—i.e. most bioinformatics applications. For example, Lenovo will help you scale out GOAST to support bioinformatics workloads such as Molecular Dynamics, CryoEM, Phylogenetics, simulations, etc. all on a single, optimized GOAST platform.

Revolutionizing population scale Omics

See how Lenovo is making waves in the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical space with innovative solutions, empowering researchers to redefine healthcare and deliver the promise of precision medicine.

Genomics Optimized Servers Accelerate COVID-19 Discovery

Get insights into how High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters leveraging GOAST’s optimized high throughput analytics are playing a crucial role in the success of COVID-19 efforts worldwide.

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Extraordinary solutions for extraordinary times

Lenovo Omics and Bioinformatics solutions are enabling researchers to analyze more samples, assemble more genomes, and perform more population level analytics in nearly all areas of Life Sciences. Our customers are leveraging GOAST servers to power complex HPC analytics all the way from basic research to agriculture to virology and to precision health.

GOAST servers are powering research into vaccine design, antiviral drug targets, 3D-structural characterization of molecules, contact tracing, crop sustainability, integrating medical records with variant information, etc., to mention a few. The net effect? Scientific discoveries taking place sooner, innovation at speed, and saving more lives at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Drive more value

Setting up and managing a large scale Next-Generation Sequencing operation faces a steep learning curve. Lenovo’s GOAST appliance eliminates the learning curve and drastically reduces infrastructure deployment for HPC and IT managers. By choosing the GOAST appliance, end-users get an easy-to-use, pre-configured, pre-installed hardware + software turnkey device delivering high performance and productivity from day one; that way users can focus on their science, and IT on supporting them on their goals.

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