Every so often, something seismic happens to the way we work.

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Collaboration is evolving

Digital collaboration platforms are the most important factor to sustain remote work. 2 But it’s not simply a matter of seeing and hearing more clearly or joining a meeting more easily.

Technology must be smart.

Lenovo is harnessing technology to deliver the best possible employee experience today and tomorrow. Based on our research and ongoing discussions with customers, partners, and industry analysts, we’ve developed three tenets of successful collaboration in the hybrid workplace.

By 2024, in-person meetings will drop from
60% of total enterprise meetings to just 25%. 3

60% of enterprise meetings are in-person

We believe

Smart collaboration must be powered by technology that’s:

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Works everywhere

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Works for everyone

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Works every time

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Ubiquitous collaboration

Smart collaboration must work everywhere: Onsite, at home, and every place in between

Onsite work

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Enterprises need right-sized, right-equipped collaboration spaces to deliver consistent — yet tailored — employee experiences.

Remote work

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43 percent

of employees expect to work from home part or full time. 4

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94 percent

of employees working at home want tools to make the experience better. 7

Everywhere work

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Mobile devices accessing meetings were up 200% — in just 18 months.8 But the experience is not ideal. We’re working on solutions for “in-between offices” use cases.

Hyper-flexible work-anywhere solutions

  • Videoconferencing keeps a distributed workforce connected and is the #2 investment focus for IT.4

  • The videoconferencing market is surging ahead at an estimated 23% CAGR from 2021 to 2027.5

  • 9 in 10 employees want flexibility in where and when they work.6

Companies can improve the remote collaboration experience

  • Help employees equip their home offices with devices, software, and accessories.

  • Subsidize high-speed internet connections.

  • Provide coaching on virtual meeting skills like camera angles, lighting, and content presentation.

  • Provide remote technical support.

Smart collaboration hybrid meeting with Lenovo ThinkSmart Cam and ThinkSmart Bar
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Equitable collaboration

Smart collaboration must work for everyone, with equal participation and quality of experience for all

Connect-from-anywhere meeting equity

Hybrid meetings don’t always feel inclusive — whether you’re in the room or remote.

Laptop icon with 650 million

monthly meetings, 8 but…

No sound icon with 47 percent

of participants did not speak at all. 8

That’s a whole lot of people having an unequal experience.

Employees joining on the go often feel discounted or dismissed. The answer? Part culture shift. But technology can help, too.

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AI cameras with automation features

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More immersive, intelligent audio

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Innovative AI-driven engagement tools

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Collaboration platform features

Take these steps now to promote meeting equity

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Seamless collaboration

Smart collaboration must work every time: Easy for all employees, including IT

Easier for IT end to end

Customers want to simplify and accelerate technology adoption. What works?

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One-vendor solutions.

Remove complexity

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End-to-end services.

Take the burden off IT

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Easy-to-use technologies.

Meet employee expectations

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Remote manageability.

Provide efficient visibility and control

Collaboration as a Service (CaaS)

Shifting to hybrid work is a daunting prospect for many enterprises.

“As a Service” models are a win:

  • Bundled hardware, software, and services

  • Predictable fee

  • Shifting the cost of collaboration from CapEx to OpEx

We say yes to CaaS!

  • A partner for guidance and planning

  • A hands-off path through installation, deployment, management, and maintenance

  • Perfect for the hybrid transition — meet evolving needs without capital investment risk

Learn more about our three tenets of successful hybrid collaboration